We, the Quad International team, are committed to producing the following services at a superior level.
  1. Staying customer focused.
  2. Easy accessibility to senior management.
  3. Personalized attention by dedicated and knowledgeable staff.
  4. Custom made solutions to accommodate the individual clients needs.
  5. Freight management and consulting.
  6. Customs clearance - import and export.
  7. Forwarding import and export.
  8. Assisting with Customs formalities and the Harmonised System.
  9. Providing estimates.
  10. In house assistance if required.
  11. Marine insurance.
  12. Trade Credit.
  13. Competitive freight rates.
  14. Expert handling of hazardous, perishable, valuable and general cargo.
  15. LCL/FCL services.
  16. Costings
  17. Warehousing and distribution services.
  18. Indent tracking.
  19. Overall improvement in transit time on a door-to-door service.
  20. Ensuring efficient cargo handling.
  21. Proper filing of rates and the ability to complete pre-shipment costings.
  22. Expedient and time saving routing of cargo.
  23. Pre-clearance facilitated by e-mail documents.
  24. Effective communication.
  25. Status reports/progress reports for peace of mind.
  26. Phytosanitary/ Obtaining Port Health releases.
  27. Booking of cargo.
  28. Tracking the shipment/s
  29. Indent monitoring
  30. Warehouse air and sea freight consolidations.
If there's anything else you would like us to be doing, please ask!!

QIL. Simply a superior service.

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